Samples of my work:

Spatial Demography

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Large-Scale Urban Change

Brazil, Noli & David Kirk. (2016). “Uber and Metropolitan Traffic Fatalities in the United States.” American Journal of Epidemiology, 184(3), 192-198.

Neighborhoods and Schools

Brazil, Noli. (2016). “The Effects of Social Context on Youth Outcomes: Studying Neighborhoods and Schools Simultaneously.” Teachers College Record, 118(7), 1-30.

Neighborhood Inequality

Brazil, Noli. (2018). “The Unequal Spatial Distribution of City Government Fines: The Case of Parking Tickets in Los Angeles” Urban Affairs Review.

Residential Mobility

Brazil, Noli & William A.V. Clark. (2017). “Residential Mobility and Dynamic Neighborhood Change during the Transition to Adulthood” Advances in Life Course Research, 33, 1-10.

International Migration

Davis, Jason & Noli Brazil. (2016). “Migration, Remittances and Nutrition Outcomes of Left-Behind Children: A National-Level Quantitative Assessment of Guatemala.” PLoS ONE, 11(3): e0152089